Queen Elizabeth II on Chesterfield Well Dressing

Well Dressing Itinerary

Working on Pleasley well dressing

10.30am Well Dressing in the Making

Find out more about this ancient custom, and how such intricate pictures can be made using only natural materials, by watching a team of well dressers at work. Some villages dress their wells in secret, but others invite visitors to watch and talk to the team as they build their well.


Dates - villages throughout the area from May to September

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Image of Chesterfield Well Dressing 2015

1pm Well Dressing

This ancient custom is only found in Derbyshire and might date back to the Celts or even further. It’s the beautiful art of decorating springs and wells with pictures made from natural materials. The best way to understand is to watch the well dressers at work, or come along and see the finished article.


Dates – villages throughout the area from May to September

Click on the heading for a list of dates

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